Before deciding to use the username and password DoulCi activator v9.0 or any other version, we want to give you the possibility of knowing a completely free method, compatible with all operating systems.

This tool works on the latest Apple devices, such as the iPhone 12, virtual servers create access to this program, just as they work to use DoulCi Activator at no cost.

DoulCi Activator New updates for any iOS 13 and 12

One of the latest Activator DoulCi updates is the ability to spell iCloud on Apple devices with the latest OS updates like iOS 13, 12, 11 without neglecting outdated or older versions.
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DoulCi is downloaded through a virtual private server, this server is active every day of the week. Downloading the DoulCi iCloud Unlock Tool is completely free and the speed is highly dependent on your internet connection.

How the free iCloud Unlock Began

For those who already know, Apple implemented an iCloud and Find My iPhone lock system for lost or stolen cell phones, offering the user the facility to lock a device and cannot be resold by those who found or stole it.

But this is not the whole story summarized as a while ago two hackers (one Dutch and the other Moroccan) managed to violate the lock system on the stolen iPhone, and they managed to trick the iPhone by pretending to be the other Apple server, which confused the teams and get the glorious iCloud unlock.

The point is that the first method was to use magic lines or better-known IP addresses, it is about changing the host on your computer with another IP number so that when you connect your device it is confused with the original servers and is immediately unlocked. As Apple updated the method for various models, hackers got to work and posted to their accounts working on software to unlock all devices, software called DoulCi Activator.